Our consulting work takes many forms. Working with funders and implementing agencies we advise on strategy, providing guidance on how to adapt their approach to achieve greater, more sustainable impact. We undertake scoping missions and design new initiatives. We review and evaluate existing initiatives.

In every case, we consider our involvement on the basis of the potential to exert positive and important influence.

Programme Scoping and Design

On behalf of donor or organisations, we have designed programmes from the identification of development objectives and beneficiary groups, through to selecting geographies and sectors for maximising development impact.


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Technical Implementation Backstopping

We provide long term support to programmes to help programme staff to develop and manage interventions as well as providing a regular external challenge function to improve delivery.


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Monitoring and Results Measurement Support

Systemic approaches to development require adaptations to traditional ways of measuring development impact. Our in-house team of expert can guide teams through the process of developing and managing effective monitoring systems to improve programme delivery.


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Organisational Strategy and Change

We can help organisation reorient their approach to one more likely to deliver sustainable and large scale change. This can involve revisions to organisational structure and strategy, followed by reorganisation of programmes and culture to deliver on this revised approach.


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Reviews and Evaluations

We offer a critical external perspective through our review and evaluation work, which can help donors and implementers to revise and improve their programme approach. We also perform reviews at a more strategic portfolio or organisational level.


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Technical Advisory Services to Funders

We can help funders to improve different aspects of their operations. This can include critically analysing their portfolio, training in new skill sets such as developing theory of change, or helping to create change internally through awareness raising workshops.


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