We can help organisation reorient their approach to one more likely to deliver sustainable and large scale change. This can involve revisions to organisational structure and strategy, followed by reorganisation of programmes and culture to deliver on this revised approach.


East Africa

The Springfield Centre is retained as strategic advisers to Gatsby Africa. Our support is focused on building their expertise as a funder-implementer, helping to deepen and strengthen their senior capacity to learn from others, innovate approaches, and then design, implement and monitor large-scale, complex sector development programmes. We are playing a critical role across the portfolio on overall strategy and development of new programmes and partnerships.



The Springfield Centre we engaged with GOAL over the course of a year to assist the organisation to reorient towards a market systems approach. The engagement involved awareness raising at a central level, review of sectoral and programme strategies, and training of key staff.

Mastercard Foundation


Springfield were engaged across multiple years to provide support to the Mastercard Foundation with a view to adapting the organisational strategy towards sustainable and large scale impact. The engagement primarily took the form of capacity building of key staff.