We provide long term support to programmes to help programme staff to develop and manage interventions as well as providing a regular external challenge function to improve delivery.

PROPCOM/ PrOpCom Maikarfi

DFID, Nigeria

Springfield was contracted to provide technical backstopping services to this agricultural market development programme across several years. This support took many forms including direct technical advisory services to the team leader, long-term project placements of key staff to build capacity, internal programme reviews and critical assessments, and specialist support around measurement and research including the writing of case studies. Springfield were instrumental in the turnaround of the programme between the two phases of PrOpCom resulting in significant and sustainable increases in impact.


DFID, Nepal

Springfield were part of the implementing consortium for the Nepal Market Development Program (Samarth-NMDP). Across the life of the programme, Springfield provided technical support to the team on the ground in initial sector selection and diagnosis, stakeholder assessments, intervention design, intervention management, measurement, and programme management. Springfield seconded staff to the programme for extended periods to ensure effective delivery of the programme.


DFID, Nigeria

Across two phases, Springfield co-implemented  this innovative £17m programme for DFID which is taking a market systems approach to business environment reform. Springfield’s role varied over time and encompassed the whole of the programme’s areas of work. Support was provided for monitoring and results measurement, technical support to intervention development and portfolio management, and capturing of learning. Springfield also seconded staff to the programme long-term to ensure effective delivery.

LIWAY – Livelihood Improvement for Women and Youth

SIDA, Ethiopia

The Springfield Centre is providing on-going technical support to the market systems development programme improving livelihoods of urban women and youth in Ethiopia. Services include support on diagnosis, management, measurement, facilitation and intervention design, in addition to learning support to ensure that the impact of the programme, internally and externally, is maximised.

KMT – Kenya Markets Trust

DFID & Gatsby Africa, Kenya

Kenya Markets Trust has the objective of stimulating large scale, sustainable change in Kenyan markets including livestock and agricultural input sectors and in non-urban water supply. Springfield acted as advisers to KMT’s management and board, assisting to develop and periodically review sector strategies, assess the progress of its portfolio of interventions, and strengthening its monitoring and evaluation system.