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Languages: English (Fluent), French (Basic)

Focus Areas:

MSD for skills development, education, employment, climate change. Procurement and leadership in MSD programmes.

Organisational learning, adaptive management.

Field experience

Ghana, Uganda, Zambia

Mike’s obsession with organisational and institutional change started in an unlikely place, as an engineering student at the University of Toronto keen to change the curriculum he was studying in favour of a systems view of sustainability. Upon graduation, he quickly jettisoned most of his newly acquired engineering knowledge in favour of the more ambiguous ‘capacity building for field project teams’ in market systems development.

Mike’s 12 years of MSD capacity building have involved supporting organisations on project strategies, organisational structures, and toolkits. It includes a long-standing role with the BEAM Exchange on various initiatives including a series of procurement papers and the MSD competency framework. More recently, his PhD research on skills in professional education has dovetailed with his work in market systems. Over the past two years he has partnered with Swisscontact to explore how systems approaches can be applied in skills and TVET projects.