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We support both funders and programme teams in undertaking rigorous market systems analyses to understand and prioritise the underlying causes of system underperformance and assess the incentives and capacities of key market players to contribute to a more inclusive, sustainable vision of system functionality.

Promotion of Host and Refugee Community Livelihoods

ILO, Lebanon

Springfield are supporting ILO Lebanon in a market systems analysis of the covered horticulture sector in Akkar and Beqaa regions as an important source of livelihoods and income for host Lebanese communities and secure employment for Syrian refugees communities. The analysis is exploring the distinct constraints facing the incomes and resilience of host and refugee communities and will inform the design of interventions aimed to catalyse growth and decent work creation in the Lebanese horticulture sector.

SAMARTH – Nepal Market Development Programme

DFID, Nepal

Springfield designed a five-year programme, conceived to address constraints to underlying pro-poor performance of a range of rural sectors. Springfield’s input included preliminary market analyses for sectors including dairy, vegetables, pigs, fisheries and rural tourism, and scoping and design document production.