We occasionally offer bespoke introductory courses to donor agencies and implementing organisations. Whilst these short (typically 3-5 day) courses do not offer as in depth of a training as our flagship Making Markets Work training, they do provide an overview of the rationale, approach, real life programme examples, and implications for donors or implementers. These short courses offer reflection on the implications for a particular agency, in the case of funders, or in a specific sector, as our short courses in health and financial services for implementing organisations did.

Over the last ten years, we have provided such services to a range of bilateral clients, such as DFID, SDC, Sida, and DFAT, seeking to invest their public resources most sustainability, at scale. Additionally, we also provided sectoral training courses for implementing organisations such as the Financial Sector Deepening Trusts and Population Services International.

Introduction to MSD

UK Government (January 2019, February 2020)

This three-day programme was delivered to a wide range of UK government agencies – DFID, FCO, CDC, and DIT – interested in better understanding and applying the market systems development course. Over the course of three days, a synthesised curriculum explored the following key components of the market development approach:

  • The rationale for the approach and why it is important
  • Market systems and how to identify systemic constraints to their development
  • The roles of different players – such as governments, the private sector, not-for-profits – in stimulating more inclusive systems
  • Implications for public agencies in terms of programme design and oversight

Online Resource Development and Delivery of MSD Mentorship Scheme

Mercy Corps (January to March 2021)

Over three months in 2021, Springfield developed and delivered online training for over 20 staff from Mercy Corps Africa’s programmes.

The four modules covered the following topics, with engaging exercises and case study presentations from other MSD programmes:

  • Intervention design and setting up measurement
  • Managing interventions and partnerships
  • Managing for scale and sustainability
  • Monitoring and results measurement

Springfield has provided similar trainings for other bilateral donors and foundations, as well as blending training with coaching for participants in the application of the frameworks and skills acquired.

For more information, please contact global@springfieldcentre.com