We believe that development intervention should be transformative. We focus on improving socio-economic systems that can enable disadvantaged people to get and retain what they need – goods, services, opportunities, resources – to improve their lives, without the need for perpetual development assistance.

We start by analysing opportunities: how a system – made up of private, public, and civil society organisations – might work better. We then support local actors to innovate and invest in new solutions or ways of working that can benefit them and disadvantaged people. Building on the incentives of local actors is the key to sustainable outcomes.

The systemic perspective that we bring to our work sets a clear goal for more inclusive, resilient systems and explicitly defines a temporary or ‘facilitative’ role for development agencies. It is guided by a well-documented set of good development principles and practices.

Operational Guide for the M4P Approach
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Perspectives on the M4P Approach
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A Synthesis of the M4P Approach
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Our Services

There are three mutually reinforcing elements to our work, Advice, Research and Training – the ‘ART’ of systems development:


We provide high quality advisory services across the project cycle: programme scoping, design, implementation, performance management, review and evaluation.



We capture and share learning and innovation through a range of research-oriented products and media, including studies, surveys, articles, blogs and web events.



We provide internationally renowned training for MSD managers and practitioners, informed by our hands-on advisory expertise and research activities.