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Languages: German (fluent), English (Fluent), French (Fluent), Spanish (proficient), Russian (basic)

Focus Areas:

Private and financial sector development, Sector growth, Enterprise growth, Market Systems Approach, Inclusion

Field experience

Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Serbia, Kosovo, Georgia, Moldova, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, Madagascar, Benin, Argentina

After years of working in and for the Swiss legal system and enjoying occasional extended snowboard and surfing trips, it was clear Jane was going to become neither a lawyer, nor a professional athlete. It was time to get serious, so she followed her interest in ethical business by pursuing studies in international business management and international political economy. Jane has experience working with corporate, government and non-government as well as project management organisations.

Before joining Springfield, she worked for SDC’s Employment and Income Focal Point, providing support to projects and SDC staff in the areas of microfinance, microinsurance, market systems and social business models. In 2014, Kyrgyzstan called where she assisted three private sector development projects with planning and implementation. Her thematic focus was market systems approaches, gender and social equality and M&E systems. Jane joined The Springfield Centre in April 2016.