Roger’s ambitions to take on the family farm were brutally crushed by a Hmong rice farmer in northern Thailand pointing out such a career might not be the best choice given his inability with the basics (i.e. hand-threshing rice). Nonetheless, coming from a farming background, his early career focused on agriculture and livestock development and the delivery of animal health services. An economist and development planner by training, Roger has supported a wide range of development interventions as a manager, consultant, trainer and researcher and has worked extensively in South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Since joining the Springfield Centre in 2010, his responsibilities have included the role of Manager to the multi-donor funded M4P Hub, coordinating ongoing support to the implementation of SDC’s M4P portfolio in South Caucasus, and consulting on the application of the market-systems approach in areas such as smallholder agriculture in Tanzania, private sector health services in Kenya, and artisanal brick-making in Latin America.