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This document is part of the Springfield Working Paper Series as part of the Springfield Centre’s active engagement in linking policy and practice in international development. The Springfield Centre is an independent consulting, training and research organisation. Our work is based on the conviction that successful, inclusive development must be shaped by a strong orientation to market systems. Our goal is to change the way that development is done. We have particular expertise in sector development, financial services, SME development, and the policy environment. Citation is permitted where properly referenced.

This paper, based on an input to Hale and Held’s 2017 book Beyond Gridlock, seeks to understand why how the international governance system around aid has undermined its effectiveness. The paper focuses on aid and development but in the process addresses issues with humanitarianism, investment, finance, and health.

Suggested citation: Taylor, B., 2018, Gridlock: that Failure of Global Governance for International Development, The Springfield Centre, Durham.

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