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Lessons learned from access to finance interventions within the Land Investment for Transformation Programme (LIFT) in Ethiopia. 

The case study looks at how the programme has enabled the successful design of a new individual loan product by the Amhara Credit and Savings Institution.

The UK Aid-funded LIFT programme works with the Government of Ethiopia to deliver Second Level Land Certificates (SLLC) to smallholder farmers and to create a national database to manage and update SLLC data and land related transactions, the Rural Land Administration System.

LIFT has worked with GoE stakeholders and partner MFIs to develop an agricultural loan product specifically tailored to farmers with SLLCs, to allow them to access larger loans on an individual basis.

This case study details the experiences of MFI partner ACSI, highlighting two key factors behind their successful pilot:

  • stakeholder buy-in
  • an understanding of customer demand

Originally published on the Beam Exchange, October 2017