These videos were created for a new CGAP training course to help explain different aspects of understanding systemic change programmes and helping to manage them.

Adopting a systemic approach is difficult for most organisations. It jars with the achieving personal, departmental, and programme performance targets with their stringent criteria for success and methods for measuring it. But it can be done…

We’ve found that starting small can be the key – take an individual or two with the personal interest, space and incentives to invest in a programme and let them generate some results and learning. Having some first-hand evidence can really help to win hearts and minds.

With this evidence, the next step is to try to get buy-in higher up and create some momentum. Presentations to the senior management of have proven successful if you’re able to demonstrate how it might work for that organisation.

Another factor is removing some of the bureaucratic hurdles. DFID’s switch to their ‘smart rules’ was designed to empower staff at country offices be more adaptive in their programming, which is key to effectively implementing a systemic approach.

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