We are delighted to bring you details of two opportunities to work with Swisscontact and Springfield.

As a leading organisation for the implementation of international development projects, Swisscontact works with partners and clients to promote inclusive economic, social, and ecological development, and to make an effective contribution towards sustainable and widespread prosperity in developing and emerging economies.

Swisscontact is an international development foundation headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and represented in 38 countries with over 1,200 employees. In 2019, the foundation acquired Springfield Centre, which specialises in providing advisory, training, and research (ATR) services to diverse clients, from bilateral and multilateral donors to foundations, aid organisations, and private sector actors. After an in-depth strategy review conducted in early 2022, the full integration of Swisscontact and Springfield’s ATR services has begun. From 2023 onwards, these global services will be provided seamlessly by a merged team.

To guide the planning of ATR activities, outcomes, programs, and projects, we are seeking an international cooperation professional to spearhead our Inclusive Economic & Systems Development team in leading and facilitating global services for Swisscontact’s internal and external clientele. This is a senior leadership position, reporting directly to the Executive Board member in charge of the Products & Solutions domain.

We are also seeking a Technical Lead to complement our Inclusive Economic & Systems Development team in managing the operational responsibility for technical staff providing ATR services, delivering global services for Swisscontact’s internal and external clientele.

Guided by the strong belief that development should be transformative, all of Swisscontact’s initiatives target the improvement of systems that help poor and disadvantaged people gain – and retain – access to the goods, services, jobs, and incomes needed to improve their lives and reduce their dependency on indefinite development assistance. This is the essence of sustainable development impact which underpins everything we do.

As a learning and sharing organisation, we see our work as a joint effort in support of an agile organisational culture that is built on mutual respect, trust, and teamwork. Special emphasis is placed on using harvesting and learning measures to continuously improve our performance and collaboration, and to strengthen Swisscontact’s role as a distinctive shaper and influencer of development policy and practice. In particular, Swisscontact is looking to reinforce our training and coaching services by building on the Making Markets Work for the Poor programme, which is returning to Bangkok this year.

We offer attractive working conditions in an international and multicultural context that encourages open feedback and independent thinking, while providing strong internal support and research to drive quality and advance the relevance of our services.

Applications are to be made exclusively via the online application portal by August 31, 2022. We particularly encourage women to apply.

For further information please visit www.swisscontact.org or click the links to the right.